Remi Wagemann
UX Designer

Caterpillar UX Design Challenge- Winner

Client: Caterpillar, Inc.

Date: August 2022- November 2022

Role: User Researcher and Mobile App Designer

Project Overview

Every year, Caterpillar Inc. hosts a design challenge in observance of World Usability Day. This design challenge was hosted to my peers and I at Bradley University. 

The Challenge

The current path for dealers to initiate & track a new service request is fragmented, coming from several initiation points. This leads to an inefficient & disorganized dealer/customer experience which can extend the length of a service repair engagement.

Communication between all parties is a critical activity to help identify possible opportunities for a greater dealer/customer relationship. As a team we needed to identify how we can make the linkage stronger. 

The Solution

Our initial solution was to enable the CAT App to be used for seamless communication between the dealer and customers. We wanted to do this by allowing work orders to be submitted through webforms, CAT App, and anything that becomes processed as a Service Request Email to be automated into a WO.

This year, a team of two other students and I took on Caterpillar’s design challenge with a unique, two-pronged approach. Our idea and design outperformed five other teams during our presentation at Caterpillar headquarters. 


Testing Planning

Dealership Side of Application & Finalized Designs

The main part of this application was to make the application come is swiftly and effortlessly on the dealer end. Service request emails appeared directly on the CAT Interact app. The dealers end of the application allows them to fill out all information on one overlay, keeping the important information to one screen. The user has to approve the changes and is allowed to adapt the home screen to the dealers liking. This helps minimize mouse clicks and saves each user tome through the workflow communication channel. 

Customer Side of Application

With the customer side of the application my team thought out of the box and went with a mobile application. Many customers typically used mobile devices to fill out previous applications. We allowed out application to store previous saved data from the customer to make filling out an application much faster. An in-app messaging feature allowed the customer to: message the dealer/technician, upload images and PDFs, add comments and approve documentation. 

Final Results

Our team presented a solution that was outside of the box, and thought bigger than just a redesign. Most other teams went for changing the interface of the work orders – something that for the most part was already serving the dealers.

By taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture, my team was able to come up with a solution that took into account a single shared struggle between the dealer and the customer.

Thank You To My Team!