Remi Wagemann
UX Designer

HomePaints AR Application

Client: New Homeowners

Date: September 2022- Present

Role: Application Creator and Developer

Project Overview

In class we were tasked with creating any sort of application that would be beneficial to a group of users. The usage of augmented reality or virtual reality had to be added to the application as part of the core requirement. Throughout several semesters of college I have designed and reiterated the designs of this mobile application.  

The Problem

To meet the project requirements I needed to brainstorm an application that would allow me to use augmented reality to benefit the users experience. This could be an application for any device, as long as you could use the back camera in some given way. 

My Solution

The idea that came to mind was a mobile application to help walk new homeowners through the process of what they would need to paint their house. The application would store all items needed, as well as colors into one QR code that allowed them to share this with a partnering store to showcase what they would need for their home project.  

Application Research

One app that has inspired the creation of my own is ColorSnap, created by Sherwin-Williams. This is an augmented reality application that allows the customer to visualize what colors would look good in their home. I liked the concept of showcasing the color swatches and decided to implement a version of this. 

Another application that inspired me was ProjectColor, created by The Home Depot. Similar to ColorSnap, this application is an AR app and also able to help customers calculate how much paint they will need. I was interested in this feature, as it inspired me to create a list of applications my users would need. 

High Fidelity Mockup

My application is focused solely on new homeowners who do not have much experience in painting. This app is an easy walkthrough of everything they will need for their next paint job and where to get the product. They are abled to save color schemes they are interested in, view useful tips and even find the nearest store location. The advanced idea of this app is it would store all their needed products, and show them exactly where they are in a local store near them. Future advancements would use augmented reality to help visualize what the project could possibly look like in their home before they take the next step of bringing it to life.