Remi Wagemann
UX Designer

My Designs


Peoria Public Schools Foundation Website Redesign

This redesign work was for a look non-profit organization looking to help the Peoria public school children. Everything they do is for the kids, and for a safer and brighter community. 

2022 Caterpillar UX Design Challenge

Every year, Caterpillar Inc. hosts a design challenge in observance of World Usability Day. They present students a design issue that Caterpillar is facing, and ask them to solve it.

Virtual Shots AR Application

Virtual Shots is an augmented reality application meant to help the performance of all levels of basketball players. This app will track the users shot and give pointers on how to perfect it to the correct shooting form. 

Peoria Fresh Website Redesign

Peoria Fresh is a website that my senior capstone got the chance to work on with the computer science capstone. This website serves its purpose by letting local Peoria gardeners see what produce the food banks need in the Peoria area. This site helps link the gardeners and community to local food banks to provide and get fresh produce as needed. 

HomePaints AR Application

This App is inspired by popular apps created by Sherwin- Williams and Home Depot. The idea is to help new homeowners get the correct products, paint and tips for their first interior/exterior paint job. This application is designed for IOS, a quick mobile app to use on the go.