Remi Wagemann
UX Designer

Peoria Fresh Website

Designed for: Local Gardeners in the Peoria area

Date: August 2023- May 2024

Role: UX Researcher and Front-End Designer

Project Overview

Peoria Fresh is a community wide solution, aiming to help struggling community members by providing them fresh fruits and vegetables grown by local gardeners in Peoria. The senior User Experience capstone, Computer Science Capstone and Business Capstone have come together to redesign the Peoria Fresh website to help grow attention to the food shortage in the area. Helping members from my community has been a top priority to me. 

About The Community

In the Peoria, Illinois area over 40,000 people have food insecurities and struggle to provide food for their families. A large majority of the area is having a hard time finding fresh produce, and healthy food options. Local food banks are providing as much support as they can, but still come up short to cover everyone in need. Advertising and advocating for local food banks is key to getting help in the community. 

My Teams Solution

To best benefit families in need, connecting local gardeners to those looking for fresh produce was one major solution we were focused on. Revamping the Peoria Fresh website, a site designed to have gardeners help support families in need was our task at hand. If we made this site usable for all and advertised it, we would be able to have more gardeners in the area providing fresh produce to those food banks that are then able to help more families. 

Mood board

The first step to our mood board was to find colors that represent produce as well as complement each other. Reds, oranges and greens stuck out well as all members appreciated this color palette. Using simple images of produce makes it easier for the people in the community to identify as well as helps stick with one consistent flow of imagery. We used bold, popping text that is legible as well as eye catching. Our avatars are meant to provide a comforting edge to this all, that allows the users to spend time and digest our site to benefit all parties involved.

Previous Design

The previous design brought to us was hosted on the Peoria Fresh website. A main role of mine was to walk through the previous website and point out areas that we could change, reiterate, as well as keep. The idea of having visuals go along with each type of produce was something we kept from the website, as well as the gardening list. 

First Design Iterations

Our first design iteration was to put each piece together that we thought would refresh this website. Clear visuals, legible text as well as consistency in imagery was a big focus as we worked on our design mockups. We wanted the website to standout as well as be very clear for any user to use. The gardeners view was a heavy focus of our mockups.

Second Design Iterations

After feedback, we were able to add content as well as imagery to bring our initial mockups to life for our web development team. The first phase of this launch was the gardener view, focusing on the community needs and how a gardener can create an account. The layout is quite consistent as the user has to just click through each area to add what produce they will grow and how they can donate to the nearest food pantries.