Remi Wagemann
UX Designer

Website Redesign

Client: Peoria Public Schools Foundation

Date: January 2023- May 2023

Role: Back-End Developer & Site Owner

Project Overview

Peoria Public Schools Foundation is a non-profit organization that works closely with the community to provide resources to the students throughout the school system. 

The Challenge

We were tasked with redesigning the whole interface of the Peoria Public Schools Foundation. They wanted a fun and fresh look that also tied together professionalism in order to convey a positive message to the donators that visit the website.

The Solution

Our solution as a team was to incorporate fun simplistic colors and exciting type font to tie in youthful creativity. We we able to showcase how impactful donators were, by adding numerous pictures to the site. 

Mood board & Information Architecture


After understanding what the project was, the first task the team jumped towards was putting together a mood board and information architecture of all we could possible need for a redesign. The colors selected for the website were pulled directly from the Peoria Public Schools banner that was created by a staff member. Paring bold fonts and round buttons/icons was something that made the website standout and look creative as well as give a professional touch to it. The information architecture created helped our group divide and conquer what pages we would each work on and review, as this was a useful structure that helped us all collaborate on the website. 

High-Fidelity Wireframes

Finalized Web Design

Made Possible By My Teammates

Charlotte Tolly: Team Lead 

Sarah Irwin: Content Writer 

Maddie Rosenbalt- Designer

Sebastian Salas: Graphic Designer 

Haley Nelson: Client Relation Manager


Caleb Kahn- Web Developer 

Audrey Blair- Designer