Remi Wagemann
UX Designer

Virtual Shots

Designed for: Basketball players of high school and up

Date: October 2022- December 2022

Role: Sole Designer

Project Overview

The users targeted for this augmented reality experience will be high school and collegiate basketball players. These players are specifically targeted as these users may be looking to correct their shot and get a consistent release point in order to become a better offensive player. 

Application Goals

The goal of this application is to help basketball players perfect their shot to become a successful offensive player. This augmented reality will show them the accuracy of their release point and the arch of how they shot the ball. This will help get a consistent shot down that the player will remember and look back on when using the VR equipment during shooting practice.

The Solution

A main focus will be incorporating a smooth use of the vr device for these athletes to use without issue. With VReps a company that works closely with NBA and tracks similar progress; I feel like they are very successful in helping athletes with sports endurance. The main goal for Virtual Shots is to help with players offensive shooting abilities and see increased consistency within all shots. 

Current Mockup Design

The key to this design is to make it as user friendly as possible, as this application is meant to have very clear directions. With the VR headset being worn, the buttons are meant to pop out and be touchable with the players hands. Key features of this app is the tracking of each shot and showing the player their performance and what they can adjust. My target audience is basketball players from high school and up, as the technology is advanced.